Bagels, Lunch, and Dan Lepard.

So here is a post all about how my lunch got flipped turned upside down,

I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, to tell you how I became the prince of a 

town called…um, bagel… 

Lunch can be a tricky time for a vegetarian. Shops, cafes and coffee shops seem to believe that we subsist on a diet constituted solely by cheese and tomato sandwiches and their egg mayonnaise siblings. Neither float my boat.

This does:

Bagels, guacamole, halloumi

This is homemade bagels, with guacamole and fried halloumi. Oh yes.

And so to the bagels. My meditations on mid-day meals led me to a place that almost all my thoughts lead me: Dap Lepard and his life-enhancing, perhaps even life-affirming, ‘Short and Sweet’.

Nestled amongst the mouthwatering array of breads that could lift any lunch to one fit for veggie royalty, I saw a couple of little doughy rings, and I knew they were for me. And my gosh were they divine. I urge you to try this recipe.

The recipe is available here; due to the Guardian’s strict contract with Dan Lepard I cannot reproduce it.

However, I did make a number of changes: I increased the ingredients to make 8 bagels; rather than simply sticking my finger through the middle of the dough balls, I shaped them into snakes then joined the ends, so they at least looked a little more authentic; I left the bagels to poach in the poaching water far longer than the article suggest (around 30 seconds per side); and, finally, I found that my bagels needed around 5 more minutes than the recipe advised.

All that was needed was some fillings…

I had: Guacamole (mashed avocados with the juice of 1 lime, 1 chopped chilli, 1/2 diced onion) with fried halloumi.

Other ideas:

Stilton and mango chutney

Grilled artichokes and hummus

Cream cheese studded with capers and roasted peppers

Goats cheese and grilled asparagus

Nutella, peanut butter and banana

Let me know your favourites!

See; vegetarian lunch time can be fun!


I was actually at home when I cooked these (home being a farm in North Yorkshire); the oven could not have been any farther removed from my tiny gas cooker…

…but, having returned to Cambridge, I can once again but dream of such culinary luxury…


3 thoughts on “Bagels, Lunch, and Dan Lepard.

  1. This looks SO delicious! And I didn’t know you poached a bagel before baking it?! Great info, thanks. But why wasn’t I invited on a lunch date? 🙂 x

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