Carbs and Comfort

I’m Sarah, and I’m addicted to pastry. I’m Sarah, and I’m addicted to bread. So imagine my junkie joy when I discovered these little beauties…

Spinach and Ricotta pasties. Made with yeast, risen and kneaded as a dough; eats like a pastry. Stodgy enough; crisp enough. Perfect.

Due to Dan Lapard’s contract with the Guardian, I cannot give you the recipe here, but you will find a version here, and it is also in his book Short and Sweet

However, I did make a number of alterations in my version: I added a bit more chilli to my mushroom mix as I like a fiery kick (I find the suggested mix a little bland, so even if you don’t fancy extra chilli, I would add some herbs or a good amount of seasoning; the ‘Parmesan’ that I used was a veggie alternative found in a local health shop (try to find some as it really does improve the flavour of the pastry); and, finally, I joined my pastry at the top, rather than the side (as seen in the picture accompanying the recipe) as I think it looks a little more beautiful.


I have been busy. As in, Tuesday, house hunting in London, Wednesday, baking 7am until 7pm in North Yorkshire, and Thursday, playing host to fifty of my mum’s fellow golfers as part of her Captain’s Day celebrations (I made these brownies, these slices and these cupcakes). And so Friday saw a day off, sat watching Wimbledon, surrounded by cats and loved ones, eating these morsels of comfort (helped down with left-over brownies…). Perfick.


2 thoughts on “Carbs and Comfort

  1. I’m always keen to find a good reason to use spinach and these pasties appeal to me in that context. I think I would prefer to leave out the chili though – personal preference. I like the idea of adding tomato puree to the pastry and it produces a lovely colour in your photographs. Can you also taste it in the pastry?
    I’ve never found a satisfactory vegetarian substitute for parmesan (which contains rennet from calves) so I would have to leave that out. I heard that the the vegetarian society has recently approved Gran Moravia though I can’t find it in my local shops.

    That’s one very relaxed cat in the picture above. Or is it just posing?

    • Just keep watching for spinach recipes – I am never long without it! The tomato purée and cheese in the party really do make a difference to the taste (and on the cheese note, I get all my vegetarian alternatives at my local health food shop, so might be worth asking at yours – demand creates supply!)

      Alan (the cat) really is that relaxed. He slept in that position for 3 hours that day. Oh to be a cat!


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