As a cool guy once said, ‘the times, they are a-changin’. As amazing as it may seem, Bob Dylan had a premonition about Py+Plate. Times truly are a-changin’. For a start, I am going to be less of an Absent Annie, and more or a Regular Rachel. In reality this means that I am going to be uploading three or more times per week. I hope you don’t get sick of me. In order to try and prevent such boredom, I shall be mixing it up a bit (get it?! Cookery blog, mixing…no? No?), having a variety of posts, with recipes, reviews, mini-series, regular columns, tips, and perhaps even lists. Everyone loves a list. And perhaps even guest columns, as I really would love to get more people involved here (fellow bloggers and keen cooks, please holler).

I may not manage to do all these things. My blog might go through a few ‘awkward stages’ as I try my hand at technological wizardry. You may not like one of my recipes. Let me know when any of these things happen. Keep me accountable. And keep me chatty. I like to talk to people, so please do say hi.

Basically, I am asking that you roll with it. Like a rolling stone, some might say.

That is all for now, but check back tomorrow for a post all about sausages. Oo-er.

Py x


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