Py Talks…Lunches



Each week I sit down with pen, paper, cookery books and my computer and work out a few new recipes that I am going to have a go at in the following days. To me, somebody as likely to chew my own hand off as jump out of a plane in the sky, this seems like quite an adventurous thing to do. To my mind I am Beryl Markham of the culinary world; an imaginative risotto is my solo flight across the Atlantic. However, even I am not so delusional as to see my lunch choices as pioneering. Every single day I have a Heinz Cream of Tomato soup (300g Mug-size), Ryvita Mini’s and a piece of fruit. Sometimes I go really crazy and add some carrot sticks and hummus. Wild.

What do you guys have for lunch? And what are the meals that you always seem to fall back on?

Perhaps this calls for some sort of series on quick, easy and cheap lunch-boxes…

Py x


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