Py+Tips: Smoked Cheese

Do you get sick of being thwarted by bacon? You are checking out a recipe and all seems good, but a quick look down the list of ingredients suggests that bacon is a requirement. Bugger. Except that I have a brilliant solution. At least, that is, if there is also cheese in the recipe. If what you seek is indeed a cheesy treat (invariably, for me, it is), then why not try swapping the suggested bacon and cheese combo for a smoked cheese? This brings with it its own salty, smokey, barbecue-y flavour, perfectly mimicking the ousted bacon. For instance, when I fancy a carbonara (as I do tonight), I make my sauce by mixing cream, mascarpone, egg and smoked Applewood Cheddar (plus some pepper and nutmeg). To add some texture, I might mix through some sun-dried tomatoes or some mushrooms. Delicious.

Creamy, smokey carbonara. Don't mind if I do.

Creamy, smokey carbonara. Don’t mind if I do.

What are your go-to bacon replacements? Does smoked cheese rock your world too?

Py x


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