Now, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I have discovered the cure for a hangover. Well, maybe discovered is the wrong word. And maybe ‘cure’ is a little dramatic. But otherwise it is true.

‘So what is this miracle cure?’ I hear you cry. Well, it is Heuvos a la Mexicana. To the uninitiated, that means Eggs the Mexican Way. To the even less initiated, that means scrambled eggs with spring onion, chili, tomato and tortillas. Oh yes. The perfect balance of stodgy (thanks tortillas!), healthy (hey tomatoes, with all your vitamin C!), and spicy (kick my arse out of bed, chili!), this dish is like a band-aide to the self-inflicted sore soul.

You will need...

You will need…

As for a recipe, I follow Nigella Lawson on this one, as she doesn’t even call for a knife; fearing a sharp implement with a head like cotton wool and the reaction times of a turtle, I simply chop everything with scissors. Even the tomatoes.

No knife required...

No knife required…

He ain't pretty, he's my saviour.

He ain’t pretty, he’s my saviour.

Let me know if this cures you. Any other pieces of advice that I should be following?

Py xxx


2 thoughts on “Py+Tips:Hangovers

    • I know – sore head and washing up do not mix! If I’m really honest I normally eat this from the pan, too. Water is a really good one! It’s my answer to most things! 🙂

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