Py talks…Favourites

What’s that they say about the best plans? Last week, I introduced a little series of posts pulling together my weekly food photos on instagram (@pyandplate, check it!). However, this week I have been far too greedy, chowing down on my grub before I have any chance of photographing it. What can I say, my mouth moves faster than my hands. So, instead of photos this week, I’m going to give you a quick rundown of my favourite things this week.

One: Porridge

Jumbo porridge oats

Jumbo porridge oats

The true joy of this week has been rediscovering my love of porridge. Porridge and I have a love/hate relationship; sometimes porridge acts as a morning emetic, at other times I can’t get my brain to start without it. Recently the latter has proved true. Keep your eyes peeled for the recipe that has set our relationship back on track…

Two: Jacket Potatoes

The perfect packed-lunch

The perfect packed-lunch

Finding a bag of big potatoes lurking at the back of my cupboard I decided to bake the whole lot of them and then leave them in the fridge for a quick but substantial lunch. This week I have them heated and stuffed with all sorts of things, from cheese to coleslaw, with humous and tomatoes proving to be my favourite. Lovely.

Three: Rose Elliot’s New Vegetarian Cookbook

Rose Elliot's life-saving cookbook

Rose Elliot’s life-saving cookbook

This cookbook (which I reviewed here) has proved invaluable through this busy week. Tomatoes stuffed with rice and sweetcorn pudding have particularly hit the spot.

Four: Hot Chocolate

Options Mint Hot Chocolate; low-effort luxury

Options Mint Hot Chocolate; low-effort luxury

Having given up my expensive coffee addiction in order to pay for my kitten’s fancy cat food, I have really missed my ‘treat’ drink (as opposed to my regular green or mint tea). This week that spot has been filled by hot chocolate. My current fave is Options ‘Mint Madness’, as it is low in fat, quick to make, and doesn’t rely on me having milk in my fridge.

Five: Candlelight

Candlelight, every night

Candlelight, every night

My Py and I have our dinner by candlelight every night, whether we are having a feast or a bowl of soup. This week I have stopped taking this for granted, and have really appreciated the beautiful romance of it all. And the flattering effect of the light, obvs.

What have you guys been loving this week? And what are you looking forward to next week?

Have a great weekend!

Py xx


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